Saints: Brees, Payton returns only make sense together

paytonbreesDrew Brees said he and head coach Sean Payton are not going anywhere. Payton has talked about how much he enjoys coaching the Saints while being close to his Dallas roots. And yet both of their status’ with the team for 2016 remain in question.

Some believe Payton would pursue other jobs while Brees may head to another team thanks to the $30 million he is owed for next season. While a situation could occur where the Saints have only Brees or Payton I find it highly unlikely.

It is hard to imagine a soon-to-be 37-year-old Brees welcoming in a whole new coaching staff should he sign some sort of an extension to remain with the Saints. Over the last two weeks Brees, hobbled as he is, has thrown for 753 yards and six touchdowns. On the season he has 4,547 yards and a 31:11 touchdown to interception ratio. Worse for the team is the lack of a in-house option.

For years there has been these scant reports suggesting Payton wants out of New Orleans but only the opposite has been spoken by the coach. Either Payton likes it with the Saints or he’s running some decade long escape plan of media confusion for unknown reasons.

The return of Brees only makes sense with Payton and the coach’s return only makes sense with a proven quarterback. Considering the Saints already have both and only need to work on extensions rather than acquisition it makes no sense to bring one back and not the other.

A new coach would inherit a quarterback playing at a high level but with a limited window and then be forced to press the reset button. Payton returning without Brees forces him to press that button himself something that many believe is below a coach of his stature.

Sure Brees could return without Payton or vice-versa but the more likely scenario is all or nothing. At least the nothing scenario provides a clean start for the entire organization.

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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