Chuck Pagano on future: “They an fire you but they can’t eat you”


In what could be a soundbite to rival that of Jim Mora during his waning days with the Colts, head coach Chuck Pagano let his feelings about the future be known.

Asked about how he was feeling following the Colts 51-16 loss to Jaguars, a game the Colts led 13-9 at halftime, Pagano responded:

“When I spent 26 days in the hospital in 2012 (during cancer treatment), that was tough. That was tough. This is nothing,” he said. “I’m holding up great. My weight’s a little bit up cause you don’t get as much time to work out a little bit so I’ve got a few extra pounds on me … that’s what big clothes do for you. My wife is taking great care of me. I’m doing great.”

Pagano then dropped his hilarious line.

“They can’t eat you. They can fire you but they can’t eat you. So if the worst thing, a year from now, let’s say I’m in Boise this time next year playing with my granddaughters, I’m going to be fine. That ain’t going to happen but I’m going to be fine if I have to go down that road.”

The Colts are 6-7 on the season. Some of the blame for the team’s lack of success falls on injuries to Andrew Luck and subsequently his backup Matt Hasselbeck. Already the Colts tried to shake the offense up with the firing of Pep Hamilton and the plan to run the ball more with an aging Frank Gore has only showed that the running back is every bit of 32.

Pagano’s future with the Colts appears to be coming to an end.

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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