DeMarco Murray says focus is on Super Bowl as he heads towards free agency

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DeMarco Murray set a Cowboys team record for rushing yards during the 2014 season while leading the NFL.

Set to be a free agent, Murray the Cowboys have publicly maintained a desire to work out a new contract but given that wide receiver Dez Bryant is also in need of a new deal nothing is certain.

“It’s not about the yards for me,” Murray said on Tuesday at a dinner at Boardwalk Ferrari, via the Star Telegram. “It’s about winning a Super Bowl. If this place gives me the best chance I’m going to stay here. Winning a Super Bowl means more than anything.”

The Cowboys have exclusive negotiating rights with Murray until March 7 and he cannot sign elsewhere until March 10.

Murray continues to say nice things about the team who drafted him in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

“No, not at all. It’s just not (stressful),” Murray said. “I feel like whatever the case may be, if I’m here, think it going be great situation, If it’s going to be somewhere else it’s going to be a great situation Obviously I think they want me here. I want to be here. It’s just finding the … I think, the, you know … just what helps them, what helps me. Things like that. I think both sides want to be here, so I think we’ll see where it goes.”

“Those are my guys,” Murray said. “Like I said, I made it clear to everyone if I’m not here next year, Romo will be my guy, (Jason Witten) will be my guy, (Dez Bryant) will be my guy. Jason will always be a great (friend). The Joneses will always be great friends. Just great people in my life. There’s no hard feelings.”

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