Sheamus responds to reports about backstage fight with Sin Cara, Cena topped in online sales


There were plenty of report that Sin Cara an Sheamus got involved in a backstage scuffle during Tuesday’s taping for WWE SmackDown. Accounts have Sin Cara getting the better of the US Champion.

On Wednesday Sheamus offered up the following response:

“Must be getting punchy. Don’t remember being beaten up by Sin Cara backstage… It’s just how Mexicans & we Irishmen hug it out fella Wink

Lana and Rusev are reportedly dating in real life. Right now it appears that the WWE is fine with the current angle between the two bnbpaigeand with all of the recent WWE marriages it is doubtful that they would push any sot of relationship to the television audience at this time.

To the right you can see a recent photo shoot in which Bad News Barrett and Paige were involved in. Both Bad News Barrett and Pagie are posing with their titles.

This image and others like are for the upcoming WWE European Tour so you should probably not read too much into it right now.

The Ultimate Warrior sold more merchandise online than anyone else in WWE last month. Warrior was inducted into the Hall of Fame and then passed away days later. Cena was second in sales followed by CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt Family.

As far as arena sales go Cena still outpaces everyone followed by Bryan.

John Bman
John Bman
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