Iraq vet turned cheerleader Megan Welter arrested for assault


Megan Welter, the Iraq war veteran turned football cheerleader, was arrested on assault charges in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Welter placed a 911 call to Scottsdale police at 3 am on July 20 explaining that she had been in an altercation with her boyfriend, Ryan.

In the weltermugcall Welter says:

“My boyfriend became abusive…He smashed my head into tile,”Welter also claimed to have been put in a choke hold and told the operator that “He knows how to fight, he’s a professional fighter, he’s been trained in wrestling.”

As yahoo shine reports:

When police arrived at Welter’s house, they interviewed her boyfriend—not identified by the Scottsdale Police Department, which blurred out his face in a video of that exchange, obtained by RightThisMinute. That’s when he told police that Welter had actually assaulted him, and that he had recorded the fight on his phone.

The altercation began after Welter found a text message from another girl on phone.

Police arrested Welter, who was later released on a citation and given a court date. The Arizona Cardinals have not released a statement.


John Bman
John Bman
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