Photo: NASCAR announces new update to Gen 6 race car

C Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR

NASCAR is rolling out the brand new Gen 6 race car for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this season. They have improved the look of the car and focused on having the cars be more associated with their brand and sponsors.

NASCAR announced another update to the car during Autoweeks Racing Conference that was held on Tuesday in Detroit. The cars already feature the drivers name on the front windshield, however now in addition to the drivers name we will also see the drivers brand; Chevrolet, Ford, or Toyota logos on both sides of their name on the windshield.

“I want to confirm that in addition to adding the name of the driver on the windshield, we’re adding the badge of the manufacturer to each side of the driver’s name,” said Helton. “We believe this will help build the identity of the driver with the race car and their relationship with the manufacturer.”

Image from NASCAR
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