Monday, March 20, 2023

Steelers Harrison responds to critical fan on Facebook

James Harrison, linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers supposedly likes to hunt. The other day he posted some photos of himself on his Facebook page with three deer exclaiming he would be eating good for the next six months.

Most fans were positive with the photos and congratulated him, a few others told him to put his hunting skills to use on the field and then there was one that all out bashed his desire to hunt and that he posted such photos on his page.

She posted these three comments (one on each of the photos) about her dis-taste in his chosen extracurricular activities.¬† It goes¬† to say though that she did mention she “does not eat meat.”

I don’t think she was anticipating that he would actually reply back to her, especially by calling her out right on his timeline.


Next time you bash or say something negative about your favorite player through social media, maybe you’ll think twice before hitting send.




Comments and photo taken from James Harrison’s Facebook Page

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