Saturday, March 25, 2023

So much for AL dominance

As we wait for the playoffs to start, we’ll likely be bombarded with the continued notion that the eventual World Series champions will come out of New York, Boston or perhaps Los Angeles.

After all these teams have played and paid their way though 162 games this season and suggesting that the National League is competitive is always disproved by the All Star game, right?

Those believing that the American League is a dominating league point to their continued success in the All Star Game. While the National League has failed time and time again on this stage it’s not always been the case in the World Series.

In the 1990’s the American League won six World Series. Aided by the Worst to First Minnesota Twins in 1990, back to back wins by the Toronto Blue Jays and then the emergence of the New York Yankees.

Since the end of the last Yankees Dynasty it’s been anyone’s guess as to who will win the series.

2001 Arizona Diamonbacks (reg season win leader Seattle)
2002 Anaheim Angels (reg season win leader NY Yankees, Oakland)
2003 Florida Marlins (reg season win leader Atlanta, NY Yankees)
2004 Boston Red Sox (reg season win leader St. Louis)
2005 Chicago White Sox (reg season win leader St. Louis)
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (reg season win leader NY Mets, NY Yankees)
2007 Boston Red Sox (reg season win leader Boston)
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (reg season win leader LA Angels)

As the chart shows only one team in the last eight seasons had the best record in baseball and won the World Series. Also during that time the American League won all the completed All Star games and has had home field advantage for the past six seasons in-turn. Though since the last Yankees World Championship in 2000, the AL and NL have split the World Series 4-4.

The American League will be favored once again this season but if history has shown us anything it’s that the National League hasn’t been a push over at all in recent World Series’ contests. At times you get sick hearing the suggestion that the American League is the dominating league.

I guess the National League hasn’t been too bothered by their “lack of a DH type player” or their “inability to win a All Star Game.”

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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