WWE SmackDown Results for July 4, 2014 *SPOILERS*

WWE SmackDown will air on Friday at its usual time but fans wanting to know the results ahead of time can go ahead and read them below. After all, many of you have other plans for July 4th.

Seth Rollins is attacked by Dean Ambrose. Randy Orton comes out to help his fellow Authority-ite, and Roman Reigns shows up to even the score.

Big E was set to face Cesaro, but a pre-match brawl got out of control and referees separate the two before the match even starts. This match ends in a countout, mainly because Cesaro suffered an eye injury on RAW.

Stardust & Goldust and Reigns got backstage interview spots.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio

Bo Dallas defeats Diego

Chris Jericho thanks Bray Wyatt for reminding him tht WWE is about survival. He issues an open challenge to Bray but out comes the Miz. Jericho deliverers the codebreaker to him.

AJ Lee cuts a promo and then defeats Eva Marie

Damien Sandow did Bruce Springsteen, complete with a version of Born in the USA. Another confrontation between Jack Swagger and Rusev.

The main event is Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose. Rollins is on commentary. After some jawing between he and Dean, he stops a dive onto Orton by hitting Ambrose in the head with his briefcase getting Orton DQ’d. Out comes Roman Reigns to clear things up in the ring.

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