Ric Flair return, WWE title situation, AJ Lee television return?

Ric Flair is going to undergo a physical so he can return to television as a regular character reports PWI Insider. He is believed to be teaming with The Miz in a continuation of a storyline in which he gave Miz his blessing to use the figure four.

The status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is expected to be announced on Monday. While the WWE could have dragged this out even longer, it appears they are ready to make a on-screen decision. It is believed that Daniel Bryan will keep the belt.

With AJ Lee getting married to CM Punk do not expect her to be on television until just before SummerSlam at the earliest. Lee previously had requested time off, dropping the WWE Divas belt in the process. CM Punk announced recently at a Cubs game that the two would get married in June.

The Summer Rae and Layla feud will be given legs. The two women will battle each other in a match that figures to be on a PPV. Fandango could be used in the match as either a referee or some other capacity.

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