WWE Monday Night RAW Results for May 19, 2014


Below are the results for WWE Monday Night RAW for May 19, 2014. This event took place in the o2 arena in London, England which meant that the home town fan got a LIVE show but those in the US will get it on tape delay.

The Wyatt Family start RAW announcing that John Cena will fight Luke Harper as the Main Event. Some taunting but that is all for now.

Cesaro and Heyman segment. Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar beating the streak. Out comes Sheamus for a non-title match. Cesaro wins with a German suplex. After the match Sheamus goes to shake Cesaro’s hand but Cesaro refuses.

Beat the clock challenge announced to determine who will fight Bad News Barrett.

Big E defeated Ryback in 5 mins and 2 seconds.

R-Truth was to take with Cameron or Naomi against Fandango and Layla. Instead Summer Rae returns and kisses Fandango and then attacks Layla. They brawl for a bit.

Stephanie McMahon comes out to Daniel Bryan’s music and says she will strip him of the belt next week on RAW. She does not say who she will give it to.

Rusev defeated Heath Slater in a squash

Beat the lock match… RVD defeated Alberto Del Rio with 15 seconds left.

Rollins defeats Batista by DQ after HHH attacks him.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige is up next. Paige comes out to a huge pop. Alicia dominated the match and got the non-title win…. ??? exactly

Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler in the final beat the clock match. Ziggler fails to beat the clock but wins the match. RVD comes out to celebrate but is attacked by Bad News Barrett.

Adam Rose with Exotic Express in ring for a interview. Zeb and Swagger cut him off. Rosze calls them lemons.

Cena defeated Harper by DQ after Bray Wyatt attacked him. They then count Cena out for a ten count after beating him to end the show.

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