Kane/Daniel Bryan feud, Adam Rose debut, IC and US title merging?

Adam Rose is expected to make his in-ring debut at WWE Payback against Jack Swagger. Expect the WWE to have more segments with Rose and the Exotic Express annoying like the likes of Swagger and Zeb Colter. WWE Payback will take place in Chicago, IL (Rosemont) which naturally will have everyone wondering if CM Punk will be around….

There once again is internet chatter about the U.S. and I.C. titles being unified. It was not all too long ago that the WWE unified the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts. If the belts were to be unified it would be to build the value of the second level belt back. Currently it is nothing more than a token for mid-card characters.

The feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan should end at WWE Payback. Across the board when polled by Tireball Sports fans had a negative opinion of the feud citing it was not believable that Kane could actually win the belt. Also many complained that it was just killing time and was little more than a screaming Brie Bella.

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