TNA Impact LIVE UPDATES and RESULTS for August 29, 2013


Welcome to Tireball Sports coverage of TNA Impact on Spike. The show begins at 9:00 pm ET.

Results for TNA Impact

11:00 pm – Show goes off the air… so much for no more title shots for Sting. (granted he can’t be considered a threat to win anyway at this point)

10:59 pm – Hogan says in two weeks. Bully Ray will defend his title against one of his family members of the Aces & Eights. Bully is upset and Hogan hits the ramp. He tells Ray that he will defend the belt tonight against Sting.

Out comes Sting.

10:57 pm – Bully says he used everyone to get the TNA title. He said he has Tito, Aces & Eights and is on cruise control. Hogan has to remind him he is in charge.

10:53 pm – Hogan says next week there will be a gauntlet match for all 12 BFG candidates… winner to take 20 points. Here comes Bully Ray and Brooke.

10:49 pm – Hogan out to easily the largest pop of the night.

10:44 pm – Bully Ray giving instructions. Hulk Hogan to appear next…

10:43 pm – Aries with the win. Mangus, Roode, Hardy, Aries is the final four for BFG!

10:41 pm – The match finally heads outside and back in where Daniels gets a two count on a sitdown powerbomb

10:32 pm – Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels

10:25 pm – Styles wins with a rollup pin… He will not make Bound for Glory. (needed a submission)

10:24 pm – Roode and AJ going back and forth. Styles trying to get a submission win

10:14 pm – After a bunch of rambling by Styles.. Bobby Roode is out for their match.

10:08 pm – Styles says he has to do this on his own. He says he’s different now. He says the only person AJ Styles can trust is himself. He is with no one.

10:05 pm – Sting lets out a scream and the mafia wants to thank AJ and offer him a spot in their group. AJ Styles is coming out

10:02 pm – Main Event Mafia out. Rampage talks about how he is mad at Tito for hitting him in the head with a hammer. He said he will get him before their Nov. 2 fight. (yawn)

9:55 pm Bunch of typical TNA promos. Main Event Mafia to speak next

9:45 pm – ODB locks in the shartshooter and gets a tapout. WINNER: ODB

9:42 pm – ODB gets pinfall number two.

9:37 pm – Gail Kim gets the first of three falls via a submission on an injured knee of ODB

9:33 pm – Gail Kim is out first to a small pop. ODB is out next with flask in hand also gets a small pop.

Gail Kim versus ODB in two out of three falls is up next!

9:27  pm – Aces & Eights talking about how Bully Ray does not care about the loss of Devon. They end up agreeing no one is bigger then the group.

9:26 pm – Hardy hits the twist of fate and then the swanton. Winner: Jeff Hardy

9:24 pm – Despite a small ring, crowd noise and sound effects the match drags on. Hardy begins a series of signature moves and applies a leglock.

9:19 pm – Out comes Kazarian, then Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy will fight Kazarian in the opening match

Bully Ray cuts a long promo in the ring with the rest of Aces & Eights and Brooke.


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