WWE Raw Live Updates and RESULTS for August 19, 2013


AUGUST 19 – Now that SummerSlam is in the books expect a action packed show from The Pond in Anaheim, CA.

Where: Honda Center in Anaheim, US

When: 8:00 pm ET on USA

Results for WWE Raw for August 19, 2013

11:12 pm – Orton’s music hits and HHH, Orton, Stephanie and Vince all raise their hands as Raw comes to an end…. (Crowd was pretty reaction-less though this whole skit.)

11:10 pm – The Shield continues to attack Bryan and he tries to make it to the ring. HHH asks them to stop…. and again asks Bryan to get into the ring and say what is on his chest. Bryan trying to stand up…  HHH still goating him… Bryan struggling to get into the ring. Orton hits him with a RKO…

11:09 pm – The Shield attacks Byran. Bryan fights back!

11:07 pm – HHH trying to get Bryan to come out. He tells The Shield to move away from the ring saying Bryan is probably afraid. He warns everyone not to touch him. HHH leads a “Yes, yes, yes” chant and asks for Bryans music to play. The music plays…. and we are waiting for Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out from the side of the ramp. He looks upset and stares into the ring. HHH instructs him to get into the ring.

11:06 pm – Orton tells everyone he told everyone that no one would see it coming when he cashed in MITB. (Ironically the rumor had been on the internet for as long as he had the MITB briefcase.)

Orton tells HHH he owes all of this to him and urges the crowd to stand up and give HHH the respect he deserves.

11:03 pm – HHH introduces Randy Orton. Orton’s music hits and Orton walks out to whwere the rest of the WWE stars are standing. He slowly approaches the ring. Orton and HHH shake hands. Stephanie gives Orton a hug. Orton gets on the mic.

11:00 pm – HHH says he was hurt to do what he did to Daniel Bryan last night. He says he has no love lost to Orton but goes on to call Bryan selfish for saying he had a problem with HHH earlier in the night.

10:54 pm – HHH coming to the ring, the rest of the WWE is outside of the ring. The Shield is ringside “running security” Stephanie clapping for HHH. Vince wearing a mulch-colored suit with brown shoes and blue and stripped tie.

HHH chastises the crowd for not seeing the bigger picture. He says he did it to ensure the future of the WWE.

10:48 pm – A decent sized segment of fans begin a pro-Barrett chant. Miz starting to mouth offense. Miz begins to target the hamstring. Miz sloppy puts on the figure four. Fandango!!! with a legdrop from the top rope! Summer Rae is out too! they dance! Crowd is dancing… wow.

Brad Maddox is talking to Stephanie on the jumbo tron. He tells her that Daniel Bryan is back in the building. She says thanks and heads into Mr. McMahon’s office.

10:43 pm – The Miz out to fight Wade Barrett

10:32 pm –  3MB versus The Usos…Winners: The Usos… more to come including Randy Orton’s Coronation.

10:22 pm – R-Truth to face Bray Wyatt… Winner: Bray Wyatt in a total squash

10:15 pm – Punk with a flurry of chairshots. Heyman heads up the ramp as the match again goes outside. Punk drops Axel on the steps… some starring and CM Punk’s music hits. Heyman walks backward up the ramp.

10:12 pm – Punk signals for the GTS but Axel is now focusing on the leg. Reminder there is no referee.

10:09 pm – Axel and Heyman are back out. CM Punk is sitting on a chair in the ring. Punches exchanged and Punk hits Axels head on the chair and hits another shot with the chair. They head outside and Axel begins to pummel Punk. Punk dumps Axel into the crowd and turns his eye to Heyman but returns to hit Axel with ring side equipment.

9:59 pm – CM Punk limps to the ring. He challenges a fan to get in the ring for booing him. Punk tells Heyman to come out and says he may give him an apology. Heyman comes out with Curtis Axel. Punk talks about how he is still standing. He tells Heyman that he is sorry for taking his eyes off Lesnar and that he is sorry for not breaking Heyman’s face. Heyman tells Axel to get ready for a fight. Heyman even calls for a commercial break!

9:53 pm – The Shield slams Big Show and all three cover him for the Win. Winner: The Shield

9:51 pm – Big Show dominating the match, keeps throwing The Shield members out of the ring and signals for the chokeslam on Ambrose. Here comes Rollins to clip his knee. Ambrose with a drop kick and Rollins finally gets Big Show down with a knee to the head. Big Show tosses Rollins off of him. Rollins and Amborse try a suplex but Big Show suplexs them both. Reigns with a spear.

9:44 pm – Big Show out to face The Shield

Ryback touting some guy. Gets the guys clothes wet and makes him leave the lockeroom.

Promo for footlocker. Fandango and Summer Rain show up. Foot Locker guy continues to talk about shoes. Fandango wants to dance in the shoes. He starts dancing and takes the shoes.

9:33 pm – Big Show interview. Show says he will team up with Mark Henry to go for the tag titles. Brad Maddox arrives and says that Big Show made disparaging remarks about HHH. Big Show will face The Shield in a handicap match. All three members of The Shield will be allowed in the match at the same time.

9:32 pm – Prime Time Players defeated Real Americans in a dud of a match that saw Darrin Young hit the gut check for the pin.

9:25 pm – Real Americans out. Coulter on the mic. They will face Prime Time Players.

9:20 pm – Ricardo comes out announces he has a new wrestler and its RVD. RVD is out and does some signature moves as Del Rio hits the road.

9:16 pm – Alberto Del Rio defeats Sin Cara after the ref stops the match due to an injury on Sin Caras wrist.

9:05 pm – Ziggler nearly gets a pin but Rawlings breaks up the pin. Rollins holding his knee. mid air Spear by Roman Reigns. 1-2-3. Winners: The Shield

The Shield then does a triple power bomb to Ziggler.


8:58 pm – Dolph Ziggler versus The Shield in a handicap match. Bell rings and Ziggler and Ambrose square off first. The Shield beginning to get the better of Ziggler and the match has turned into kicking and punching by each member.

8:52 pm – Naoi and Cameron win over a surprised Layla who screams in the ring.

8:50 pm – Naomi and Cameron versus AJ Lee and Layla

8:39 pm – Heyman is out talking about how Brock won last night. He’s now trying to get CM Punk to rejoin him and says together they can be the best in the world.

8:33 pm – Brad Maddox is on TV and talks about comments from Dolph Zigger who said he did not trust HHH. Maddox says Ziggler will be in a three-on-one handicap match against The Shield.

Paul Heyman is making his way though the back with his arm in a sling.

8:30 pm – Rhodes dominated match early on but as we come back from commercial break Sandow now holds the advantage. Cody Rhodes wins with a roll up

8:22 pm – Damien Sandow versus Cody Rhodes for the first match of Raw, brief case is handcuffed to the ring.

8:18 pm – Fans cheering Bryan’s name as he goes outside the ring. He looks at the guards and walks up the ramp. He reaches the top and turns at looks at Stephanie and starts up a No chant. Crowd clearly behind him as he exits to the back.

8:16 pm – Bryan knocks the microphone out of Stephanie’s hand. She gets another one and tells him to calm down, and calls him unprofessional and calls out security. Five guys come down the ramp.

8:12 pm – Bryan talks about how HHH sold out. He tells Stephanie “when you lye down with trash, sooner or later you start to stink.” Bryan is getting upset and pretty much dares her to fire him. He tells her he will get his money’s worth before he goes. He says he will give her a reason to fire him. Stephanie talks about how important Bryan is and talks down the crowd. She then talks about Bryan’s appearance.

8:09 pm – The crowd begins to chant Bryan’s name and he finally lets out a smile. Just then Stephanie McMahon comes out wearing all black and stumbling over herself in heels. Stephanie tells Daniel that HHH was “just doing what is best for business.”

8:08 pm – Cena calls out Daniel Bryan and here comes the beard. He looks sad as he makes his way to the ring. They shake hands and Cena hands Bryant the mic. Cena exits the ring.

8:03 pm – WWE Raw is live and on the air from Anaheim. John Cena is out, he gives props to Daniel Bryan and is now talking about his triceps. Cena announces that he is leaving the WWE to have surgery.


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