WWE Monday Night Raw: Live Updates and Results for August 12, 2013


With the SummerSlam PPV lurking just around the corner on Sunday August 18, we enter the final episode of Raw which is live tonight from Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California.

When: Monday, August 12 at 8 p.m. est

TV: USA Network

Follow along/bookmark our site as we will be live blogging the results from the matches starting at 8pm est tonight.



11:05 pm – They are showing replays from last week. CM Punk comes out at 11:09 he  does not come out the ramp. He sneaks in the ring and hits Brock with a camera then a chair. Heyman is in the ring doing his Paul Heyman thing. CM Punk enters the ring with the chair.  Heyman leaves and Punk is chasing him up the ramp. Curtis Axel comes running from the back. Punk disposes of him with the GTS and Raw is over.

10:59 pm – Paul Heyman out for his match against CM Punk. He’s in his suit. He gets the mic… this match will not last long. “cm punk cm punk cm punk” says Heyman. He then blames the WWE Universe for everything. He talks for a bit and then calls out Brock Lesnar.

10:49 pm – Final three as expected… Ryback, Henry and RVD…  Henry takes out Ryback.  Henry charges RVD who is on ring apron… typical pull the rope down and match over.WINNER: RVD
Afterwards RVD and Henry exchange fist bumps. Cue the Shield. WELL ITS THE BIG SHOW.. The Shield leaves. (say what you want but this segment sucked)

10:47 pm – Kofi Kingston eliminated. RVD, Swagger, Cesaro, Henry, Barrett, Ryback  left…. Henry eliminates the Real Americans.

10:41 pm – slowing throwing people out. Fandango eliminated, gets back into ring and eliminates R-Truth. RVD then throws Fandango out again.

10:30 pm – 20 man Battle Royale US Championship title shot.

10:29 pm – Curtis Axel is shown backstage with Heyman as he prepares to wrestle CM Punk…

10:22 pm – Fandango and Summer Rae come out dancing per usual. R Truth comes out after, dancing. The two have a dance off. Fandango attacks  R Truth while he is dancing, but then R Truth comes back and sends Fandango running. The match doesn’t even get a chance to start…

10:10 pm – John Cena is giving one hell of a motivational speech. Laying it on thick tonight. Afterwards Bryan claims that Cena does not respect him. Bryan says that he wants to slap Cena in the face but he can’t do that since Cena is “not a wrestler. and that he didn’t deserve it. Triple H comes out to the ring. Randy Orton comes out on the stage after. Orton stands on stage holding up his briefcase while both Cena and Bryan watch.

10:00 pm – Miz TV with John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Bryan out first, crowd goes wild. Cena comes out second and is not greeted as fondly. Cena tells Miz that he handpicked Bryan because he is “one hell of a competitor”. Miz tries to say everything Cena said should be taken as the opposite. Bryan tells the Miz to shut up. Bryan calls Cena a parody, and he says he wants to be WWE champion so everyone knows that Bryan is the best.

9:54 pm – The Usos beat The Real Americans.

9:44 pm – The Real American’s come out next. Speak something regarding California and how an earthquake should break off the coast. The Usos are out next to fight them.

9:40 pm – Christian is shown on the video screen. He is interviewed by Renee Young backstage, and he talks about how he will win the title on Sunday at Summerslam. Alberto Del Rio walks up and laughs, speaking something in Spanish. He then walks away holding up the title.

9:32 pm – Alberto Del Rio defeats Kofi Kingston via submission

9:23 pm – Total Divas segment. Bree slaps Natalya at the end.

9:11 pm – Kane versus Titus O’Neil… total squash. WINNER: KANE Wyatt family on titantron there music hits and they are coming out. They go into the ring but Kane has already left. Pyro hits and this segment is over.

9:05 pm – HHH wants to be the referee. He then gives Maddox a pedigree. Vince leaves the ring.

8:58 pm – Vince McMahon calls Brad Maddox to the ring for an explanation of the match earlier tonight. Maddox says he did the best could and asks for a second chance. He wants to be the special referee at Summerslam. Vince asks the fans they boo. Vince asks some questions and is about to announce him as the referee when Triple-H comes out

8:50 pm – AJ Lee begins to scream at Hornswoggle calling him a little man, Natalaya puts AJ Lee in the shartshooter, AJ taps but ref does not notice and the match continues. Winner: Natalya gest AJ Lee to tap out again.

After the match Big E attacked Khali and Hornswoggle. Khali then knocks Big E out of the ring.

8:47 pm – Great Khali and Natalya versus Big E Langston

Great Khali w/ Natalya and Hornswoggle out for a tag match. Awful promo cut by Big E

RVD shown during stretches. There will be a 20 man title battle royal for the US title later. Dean Ambrose cuts a promo.

8:30 pm -Cody Rhodes is up to the ring to steal the briefcase…. Orton hits the RKO. WINNER: Randy Orton

8:28 pm – Sandow has put up a good showing but the match is starting to turn in Orton’s favor. Orton goes for the RKO, Sandow dips out of the ring. Sandow then points to Rhodes ringside

8:14 pm – Damien Sandow versus Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes is ringside. Sandow brings his brief case out and handcuffs it to the ring, Orton brings out his brief case as well

8:10 pm – promo for MizTV which will have John Cena and Daniel Bryant tonight

8:00 pm -Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett with Brad Maddox as special ref
Barrett wins after Maddox does a quick count on a roll up pin. Bryan goes to hit Maddox who sneaks out of the rink


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