TNA IMPACT: LIVE UPDATE, Results for August 1, 2013


Follow here LIVE for updates and Results for the August 1 edition of TNA IMPACT.

TNA IMPACT Result for August 1, 2013

(11:00) Tito Ortiz is out. #august1warning … and the show is OVA!

And the big announcement is… The wrestler pinned in the match between Aces & Eights and Main Event Mafia will have to leave TNA.

(10:56) Main Event Mafia out to offer Bully Ray an offer he can’t refuse, here comes Aces & Eights

(10:51) Austin Aries get the pinfall as he gets his shoulder up at the last moment on a double pin. This looked awful and tainted a very good match.

(10:49) the action has gone outside the ring, in easily the best match of the night

(10:32) Austin Aries and AJ Styles are ready to fight in another BFG match

(10:29) Bully Ray says he is unconcerned with the Main Event Mafia and was focused on winning his belt back from Chris Sabin.

(10:23) Kim and ODB take the fight outside for a double count out.

(10:15) Gail Kim and ODB hit the ring.

Bad Influence will fight each other next week on TNA Impact in a BFG match

(10:08) Taz looks into a white stretch hummer for the #August1Warning on a laptop. ODB is ready to right Gail Kim.

(10:03) Chris Sabin defeats Manik with the fisherman buster.
Bully Ray hits the ring and begins to pummel Sabin. Manik then attacks Bully giving Sabin a chance to chase him from the ring.

(9:51) Time for Champion versus Champion. X-Division Champion Manik fighting TNA World Champion Chris Sabin

(9:50 pm) Kurt Angle continues to say he is going to make Aces & Eights an offer they can not refuse

Jospeh Park defeats Jay Bradley (BFG Series match)

Bobby Roode defeats Hernandez (BFG Series match)


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