Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio recreate Titanic scene on SNL


Jonah Hill was “surprised” by Leonardo DiCaprio during a monologue on Saturday Night Live.

Hill stared pining on DiCaprio with this bit…

The truth is Leo wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie. Here’s what happened: I call up Marty Scorsese. I say, “Marty, it’s JH. I’m ready to get in a room together.” He says, “Finally.” Then I say, “Should we get DiCaprio on board?” And Marty says, “I don’t know if he can handle it. Sure, he’s a movie star and he puts teenaged girls in the seats, but we need a real actor like you.”

At which point Hill was joined by DiCaprio in the most SNL of ways.

And then it turned to Titanic.

So what did you think? Enjoy it? Hate it? Typical SNL? Sound off below!


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