Bob Barker Returning to ‘Price is Right’ to Celebrate 90th Birthday



Bob Barker is returning to his hit TV show, ‘The Price is Right’. Barker will be present on the show to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Bob, come on down!

“We’ve had Bob on just one other time since Drew Carey took over the show,” says executive producer Mike Richards. “It was when Bob’s book, Priceless Memories, came out and it was a priceless moment for fans. I was looking for the perfect reason to bring Bob back again and this TV legend turning 90 is the perfect reason.”

The episode will air on Dec 12; during a week long tribute to the legend and strong animal rights activist. Barker is famous for reminding us all to spay and neuter our animals at the end of every broadcast.

“Monday through Friday we’re going to be doing pet adoptions, which is something Bob did on the show for years,” explains Richards.

Barker will help place a pup for adoption and take part in a special Showcase presentation featuring prizes that honor the benefits of reaching 90.

Drew Carey took over hosting  the Price Is Right in 2007.



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