Nick Foles says future will be decision of Chip Kelly

Will Nick Foles return as the starter of the Eagles next season? The quarterback did not disclose much about his future while speaking on Thursday.

“I think you’re going to hear about them every single year,” Foles said via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s just part of it. I think the main word is ‘rumor.’ It’s a rumor that you can’t put too much into it. I only listen to the people at the [Eagles] facility, being Chip [Kelly]. He’s the one that will make the decision.”

Asked if he would be back with the Eagles next season, Foles responded “I plan on being back and being in Philly.”

Kelly has not declared Foles his starter for next season, a contrast to last year.

Foles went on to say he would have been able to play had the Eagles made the playoffs.

“Looking back upon I would have been able to play if we were in the playoffs,” Foles said. “If it was the first playoff game it would have been probably closer to 90 percent healed to where it was medically to the point where it would be solid enough. That would have been possibly the first time I could have played.”