Pure and Simple Rex Ryan talking with 49ers makes no sense

The San Francisco 49ers are looking for a new head coach after pushing Jim Harbaugh out the door. Rex Ryan is looking for a second chance as a head coach after being showed the door by the New York Jets.

And that is where the relationship between these two starts and ends.

The biggest problem here is that Rex Ryan is the same type of coach that the 49ers and general manager Trent Baalke wanted to get rid of in Jim Harbaugh. Ryan is loud, light a fire under your butt and ready for confrontation. Ryan will not back down in much the same way that Harbaugh did not back down. Worse, unlike Harbaugh, Ryan has not had a winning season in four years.

Ryan is intent on getting a head coaching job this offseason and with reports of an ESPN contract on the table he has the positioning to hold out until he gets one.

The Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears both have openings. Each of those situations may end up proving to be a better situation for Ryan.