Robert Griffin III to make more starts this season?

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There are four games left in the season and while the reports of Robert Griffin III and the Redskins parting ways at the end of the season are only increasing that does not mean he will not be given additional starts.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that there is a “real chance” Griffin will be the quarterback again this year for the Redskins.

Such a statement and an idea would seemingly undermine the efforts of Jay Gruden – whom the Washington Post reports has pushed hard to ditch Griffin.

It is not necessarily a bad idea to let Griffin get more starts but trying to make heads or tails out of the Redskins continues to be a coin flip. If Griffin fails then the team will surely move on but should he have an impressive finish to the year then things could get murky.

The Redskins need more out of quarterback than what Colt McCoy provided last week in Indianapolis.