Jaguars head coach calls out Blake Bortles

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Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley spoke critically of rookie quarterback Blake Bortles while assessing his play in Sunday’s loss to the Colts.

“He can play better. … At times, he holds the ball a little too long. … His decision-making isn’t as quick as we need it to be. … He’s young, but we expect more.” said Bradley via the Florida Times Union.

Bortles was 15-of-27 passing for 146 yards and one interception making it two straight games without a touchdown pass.

Later in the press conference Bradley took a moment to praise Bortles, preventing a full on throw him under the bus routine.

“He appears to be strong and very confident. I think he wants to give more and wants to produce more. … We’ve seen progress in his decision-making; he’s throwing fewer interceptions. … We don’t want to take away his freedom to make plays.”