Chargers deny Philip Rivers has rib injury

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Chargers head coach Mike McCoy is deny reports that quarterback Philip Rivers has been playing with a rib injury.

Following Sunday’s win over the Raiders, Antonio Gates let out a little more information than the Chargers coaching staff would have liked.

“For those who don’t know, he’s been dealing with a rib injury,” said Gates. “A very severe rib injury, so he’s been toughing it out these last three, four weeks.”

Clearly someone is not telling the truth here and eyes have to be looking at the coaching staff. The NFL frowns upon improperly listing players on the injury report. If Gates’ statements are correct then Rivers has been dealing with the injury since the Chargers loss to the Chiefs, a game in which twice he was spotted limping off the field.

Prior to the Chiefs game Rivers was considered an MVP candidate as he had strung together a NFL record five straight tames of a QB rating of 120 or more.

As far as fans should be concerned this is a bit of good news as it suggests injury is at-least part of the reason for Rivers poor play. Though there have been no signs that he has been hampered in recent weeks and McCoy insists that he has not missed any snaps in practice.