Marijuana the reason C.J. Mosley was sent home from London last week

The Detroit Lions have yet to disclose what led to defensive tackle C.J. Mosley being sent home on the eve of a game against the Atlanta Falcons in London a week ago.

However, ESPN sources report that a disconnected smoke alarm alerted hotel security staff to check on Mosley’s room. At that time he allegedly was caught with marijuana.

The Lions suspended Mosley two weeks for conduct detrimental to the team. Mosley and the union have filed a grievance to contest the suspension and docked pay.

For now it remains unclear if two weeks meant two games or just two weeks. Mosley may or may not return in time for a Week 10 contest against Miami.

“I think the statement stands on its own,” Caldwell said. “If you take a look at it, read through it and kind of glean from it what you’d like. But we said two weeks and in two weeks, he’ll return.”