Browns brass pressing to start Manziel

Following Brian Hoyer’s dismal performance a week ago against a previously winless Jacksonville team some within the Browns organization are pushing for Johnny Manziel to play.

According to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi the pressure to play Manziel has “turned up considerably” leaving a lot of questions about the status of Hoyer going forward.

Prior to last weekend’s clunker the journeyman Hoyer had proven to be capable under center for the Browns. However a poor start on Sunday against Oakland could always lead to a quick-hook. From there Hoyer could be seeing a lot of the bench going into free agency.

For what it is worth, Manziel has declined to play up any animosity for being listed at No. 2 on the depth chart.

Whenever the Browns make the move to Manziel it figures to be for the rest of the season.