Report: Brandon Marshall calls out Jay Cutler following loss

The Chicago Bears fell to 3-4 on the season after a 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. After the game yelling erupted in the Bears locker room with wide receiver Brandon Marshall calling out quarterback and long-time friend Jay Cutler.

“We lost, there should be a lot of frustration,” Marshall said via ESPN. “You should hear frustration. We’re 3-4. Yeah, this means everything to a lot of guys in this locker room. This means a lot.”

Marshall who is also said to of called out kicker Robbie Gould did not answer questions by reporters about what happened in the locker room.

“OK, were you in here?” Marshall asked. “Were you in this locker room? This is a team matter. That has nothing to do with you. There’s a lot of guys this means a lot to. We’re 3-4. We need to play better. That’s unacceptable. That’s unacceptable. Unacceptable; shouldn’t have lost today, shouldn’t be 3-4. [The] offense [has] got to play better. It’s as simple as that.”

The Bears have gone the way of Culter this season. In their wins he has not committed a turnover, in their losses he has committed multiple. On Sunday he threw an interception and was marked for two fumbles.

Asked about confidence around Cutler, Marhsall responded, “Yeah, Jay’s a gunslinger,” Marshall said. “Jay’s our guy. Jay’s our leader.”