Christian Ponder provides shopping spree to grieving family

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His days as the starting quarterback in Minnesota are undoubted over but that has not stopped Christian Ponder from reaching out to a grieving family.

Maggie Robbins was killed in a car accident earlier this month. When her husband took daughters Brianna and Emily out for a shopping trip they bumped into Ponder who was out shopping.

“We posted this to Facebook and we said, ‘Look who mommy sent to say hi to us today.’ It really cheered up my daughters,” Justin Robbins said.

When the girls entered Luluemon they were told by the store manager that Sam and Christian Ponder wanted to do something nice for the girls and were picking up the tab for their day of shopping.

“After a while, my daughters had the whole store in a bag. So I decided to say, ‘You’re not getting all those clothes.’ I allowed them to get one outfit,” Justin said.

“I’d tell him thank you for what you did, and that I felt like my mom was doing this,” Brianna said.

“We really, really want to thank the Ponders and what a great man. Samantha is a great person and Christian is a great man,” Justin said. “It was a great day, it really helped us out. We really appreciate the Ponders for doing that for us.”