Vikings coach says Patterson must get open if he wants the ball

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Those expecting big numbers out of Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson have been left largely disappointed this season.

In Sunday’s loss to the Lions Patterson recorded just two catches for 15 yards.

Paterson gave the standard have to do better for the team line after the game saying:

“It’s not them shutting me down,” Patterson said, per “Some DB’s are smarter than the other ones. Some of them run the routes with you, some do more studying than others. It’s just our receivers and whole offense, we’ve just got to do better as a team.”

Peterson also said that his hip injury was still holding him down.

“I don’t feel like I’m 100 percent. I should be next week,” Patterson said. “Just keep getting treatment, just keep grinding in treatment and do what it takes.”

But Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is not buying into the effort of anyone on the club right now and let it be known that catching the ball required getting open.

“He’s got to do a better job of getting open,” Zimmer said via Yahoo Sports. “I’m tired of hearing about all of this stuff. He’s the second-most targeted guy on the team, so if he wants the ball, tell him to get open.”