Tom Brady critical of Patriots offense, has not “played well for a long time”

Monday’s 27 point loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was the New England Patriots second largest defeat under Bill Belichick.

Like many of his teammates, Tom Brady under-performed in Monday’s game. Speaking during his weekly interview with WEEI 93.7 FM, Brady said that “I don’t think we’ve played well for a long time.”

The quarterback continued pointing out statistics which have the Patriots 23rd in total yardage this season.

“That’s obviously going to reflect in every statistic that you can find, that we don’t have the kind of offense that’s going to perform at a high level,” Brady said. “Everyone’s connected. It all ties together. If we’re not playing well, we’re not going to have good stats.”

Brady was 14-of-23 for 158 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions – one of which was returned for a touchdown by Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah. He was pulled in the fourth quarter being replaced by Jimmy Garoppolo.

Both Belichick and Brady have downplayed the decision to pull the 37-year-old from the game, instead choosing to focus on this weekends game against Cincinnati.

“I just do what I’m told …,” Brady said. “We were getting our butts kicked. So it was a situation where we didn’t have a good game, and that’s what Coach [Belichick] wanted us to do and that’s what we did.”

A lot will be read into the struggles of Brady this season with an emphasis on Monday’s loss. Prior to that the Patriots had easy wins over Oakland and Minnesota in which Brady was not required to do much thus his statics were lower.