LeSean McCoy finally addresses tipping controversey

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is finally willing to talk about an incident in which he left a $0.20 tip.

McCoy attended PTY in Philadelphia and left a $0.20 tip after ringing up a $61.56 tab.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, McCoy expressed no sympathy insisting that he would do it again.

“The 20 cent tip was kind of a statement,” McCoy told the media, according to a 6-ABC Action News report. “I didn’t do anything wrong and if I had to do it again, I’d do it the same way.”

While the owner of PYT has suggested that McCoy was being rude the running back contends it was the other way around.

“Just to be honest, like I’m always, I tip on my service. I think there’s a difference between good service and bad service or just having a bad day,” McCoy said. There’s a big difference with just being rude and disrespectful. That’s how that went.”

“In any restaurant I go around in Philadelphia, I tip very well. I’m very respectful,” he said. “You can’t be disrespectful and just expect somebody to tip you. I don’t care who the person is. That’s why I left my card, so they could see my name. Simple as that.”

McCoy did say that the restaurant had good food.

“If you check on that restaurant, the backlash that has from everybody talking bad about that place, but good food, good food,” he said.

With Charlie Sheen already involved we probably have not heard the last of this one.