Andre Johnson to Patriots deemed “longshot” scenario


While the idea of Andre Johnson to the New England Patriots continues to float around, Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston says it is not going to happen.

Speaking about a potential trade of Johnson to the Patriots, Reiss wrote the follow:

That would be a dream-like scenario for the team and one I’d rate as a longshot at this point. The primary thought is if the Texans get to the point that they do consider trading Johnson (a big “if”), it would be better business for them to do so with an NFC team (keep Johnson out of the conference). One additional thought not related to the Patriots in this situation: If Johnson has done his homework on new head coach Bill O’Brien, it’s hard to imagine why he wouldn’t want to play in his offense. It’s receiver-friendly, for sure.

Johnson, 32, still has $34.5 million remaining on a deal that runs through 2016.

Even on a team that went 2-14 Johnson still produced in 2013 catching 109 passes for 1,407 yards and five touchdowns.