Former Buffalo Jills say they were exploited by the Bills


Members of the Buffalo Bills cheerleading squad say they were taken advantage of by the NFL team.

Fiver former members of the Buffalo Jills alleged in a lawsuit that they worked hundreds of hours while making well below the mandatory minimum wage.

“We had always dreamed since we were little girls of becoming Buffalo Jills cheerleaders and unfortunately it was anything but a good experience,” said former Jills cheerleader Alyssa U via WIVB. “[She made us do] everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard and having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling and if that was something she saw, then you weren’t performing at all.”

The Jills also are now taking exception to times where they wore a bikini and went into a dunk tank. They also claim to have been “auctioned off like prizes, and the Jills were forced to sit on participants’ laps because there was not enough seats in the golf carts.”

One Jill says that the team even controlled how they behaved in their own time.

“We were the laughing stock of NFL cheerleaders. We deserve to be compensated just like everyone else,” Alyssa U. said.

The women believe they have about 840 hours of unpaid work and paid $600 for their uniforms and were forced to pay for their own travel and hotels while on appearances for the team.

There was no mention of why the women continued to work while they were not being paid by the team. You may remember that the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders filed a similar lawsuit in January.