Kirk Cousins undergoes LASIK surgery

getty images

getty images

Kirk Cousins says he was he was tired of playing with contacts and on Tuesday he underwent LASIK eye surgery.

And now Cousins is hoping it will improve his on-field performance.

“If it gets to 20-15, then there’s an obvious improvement,” Cousins said, via ESPN. “In this league the difference between Pro Bowl and getting cut is that small. For me in shotgun, when I go through the cadence my eyes are on the defense but as I’m closer to saying hut my eyes have to stay on the ball. To have my eye on the ball coming at me, I still have to feel a blitz from the left or right to know if you need to throw a hot or if the corner is blitzing off the edge. There’s a lot to process and you have to feel the pass rush.”

“The more you can see out of the corner of your eye – blitzes, pass protection, open receivers – all of it is effective. When you have strong peripheral vision you can take in a lot of information at once.”

Cousins has not be shy about his belief that he is ready to become a full-time starter. The Redskins will field offers but nothing seems imminent.