Robert Griffin III and Pierre Garçon have offseason workouts planned


Pierre Garcon set a Washington Redskins record with 113 catches in 2013 but the 27-year-old is looking for more after the Redskins finished just 3-13.

Garcon has already set up some offseason workouts with Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III,

“We’ve already got that date set up. We’ve already got a place,” Garcon told the team’s website. “We’re going to go to Arizona, work out there. We’ll probably do some more in Ashburn. Probably go to Baylor a little bit.”

But that is not all.

“We’re definitely going to be around. Probably go to Miami. I’m trying to talk him into going to Miami. South Florida is home.

“I don’t mind going to Arizona, going to Baylor, going to different places. I enjoy traveling.”

The Redskins will be starting 2014 with a new coaching staff as Jay Gruden replaces Mike Shanahan as the teams head coach. Sean McVay, who has been with the Redskins, has been promoted to the role of offensive coordinator.