Elementary teacher raises money to buy entire school Seahawks jerseys


A teacher in Seattle recently raised over $20,000 so he could purchase a Seattle Seahawks jersey for every student at his elementary school.

Kevin Zelko is a teacher at Kimball Elementary in Seattle and thanks to his fundraising campaign every student at his school will receive a Seahawks jersey.

Zelko works as a beer vendor at Seahawks games and came up with the idea during the teams win over New Orleans.

According to an interview from For the Win, Zelko had a good day and decided to set the excess money aside so he could purchase jerseys for a handful of students. From there friends began to chip in funds and eventually a GoFundMe was set up.

Zelko summed the plan up and stated the importance of everyone being involved:

The ability to keep everybody included in something that the entire city is talking about is really powerful. The smiles on their faces when they get a Seahawks jersey will be very impressive and many of the kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.

In total Zelko purchased 447 jersies for the price of $24,906. Currently he’s raised just over $20,000 and there is still plenty of time before the Super Bowl to help him avoid seeing red if the Seahawks fail to win the Super Bowl.

Any excess donations will go to tutoring programs according to Zelko.

Now all we need is a few people to comment about all the kids who will be wearing Richard Sherman jerseys. And yes this story started a week ago.