Former teammate thinks Packers should shut Aaron Rodgers down

The Green Bay Packers have yet to rule Aaron Rodgers out for Week 14 but it appears that Matt Flynn will be announced as the teams starter on Friday. Flynn has been taking the first team reps and blamed a short week (Thursday game) as part of the reasons for his struggles on Thanksgiving Day against the Lions.

While Flynn may be under center for the Packers in their game against Atlanta, all eyes are on Aaron Rodgers who wants to come back from his collarbone injury. Rodgers has been cleared to practice but not play and former teammate Charles Woodson believes it is time to shutdown the quarterback if the Packers are out of the playoff hunt.
“[If] you don’t have the confidence or the doctors’ don’t have that confidence in that shoulder that you can go out there and the same thing is not going to happen again, I think you shut him down,” Woodson said, via Jason Wilde of “I went through the same thing last year and I wanted to come back Week 12, 13, 14. But the scans never gave us that confidence, so I didn’t come back until the playoffs. So if they don’t have the confidence in those scans, you shut him down.”

The Packers would remain in the hunt for a playoff spot with a win but have match-ups with three teams still competing for playoff spots in Weeks 15,16 and 17. (Dallas, Pittsburgh, Chicago)

“With having a guy that you’re going to pay over $100 million, [if] you’re out of the playoffs, I would shut him down,” Woodson said. “I know Aaron and if he’s healthy, it depends on what his scans are telling him, (but) I know he’s kicking and scratching trying to get back in the game. But having your franchise guy go out there and there is no chance at making the playoffs and you’re not really sure what’s going on with that shoulder [is a mistake].”

Green Bay (5-6-1) would seemingly need to win out to have any chance at a playoff spot. So is it time to shut down Rodgers?