Kaepernick and Wilson wager eyebrows on game


A off-season of trash talking has come to this. Loser shaves an eyebrow. (We guess?)

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks play each other on Sunday and one team’s quarterback is going to lose an eyebrow according to this video for Madden 25 between Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson.

Kap: “Big game on Sunday.”

Wilson: “Yup. You know what we should do? Whoever loses has to shave an eyebrow.”

Kap: “Aight. Hope you don’t like your eyebrow.”


Will this happen or not? Who knows. Hard to imagine a player shaving an eyebrow after a loss but then again it does tell us to tune in to see who loses an eyebrow.

Hopefully they actually shave an actual eyebrow and don’t just edit a player to have only one eyebrow.