Greg Jennings apology should have been to Leslie Frazier


Greg Jennings was signed by the Minnesota Vikings to provide a viable option for third year quarterback Christian Ponder. Instead the 29-year-old former Green Bay Packer cannot stop talking about his former team.

Jennings has made numerous comments directed towards the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. When asked Jennings picked Brett Favre over Rodgers and later said that Rodgers did not hold himself accountable.

 APOLOGY: Jennings apologies to Rodgers

While Jennings is free to say and speak what he wants the real problem here is that he plays for the Minnesota Vikings now and his head coach is Leslie Frazier.

Frazier tired of hearing Jennings talk about his former team instructed him to stop. Frazier had to tell Jennings to keep his talk and mind focused on the Vikings.

And that is where Jennings needs to be focused. He is no longer in Green Bay and Minnesota paid dearly for him this offseason.