Eagles LeSean McCoy is a Tony Romo backer


credit: getty images

Tony Romo’s support may be thinning in Texas but at-least one divisional rival believes the Cowboys quarterback is among the best at his position.

Appearing on the NFL Network to discuss the top 100 players in football, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said he believes that Romo and Matt Ryan are better then Joe Flacco.

“I like Romo, actually. I’m a fan of certain players. I might not like the team, but I’m a fan of certain players. I actually think Romo and Matt make it (over Flacco). But obviously Flacco has to be in there because of the Super Bowl. I would take Matt, and I would take Romo. As a quarterback, if you don’t feel that pressure of not having a great defense, where if you don’t go out and produce on this drive, the other team may score. Knowing you have that great defense behind you, it’s less pressure so you have to put that into effect.”

McCoy’s comments may come off as a little surprising but must be taken in context. Romo threw for 512 yards and 5 touchdowns in two wins against the Eagles last season.

In Flacco’s game against the Eagles this year he was 22-of-42 with one touchdown and an interception, to finish with a 66.8 QB Rating. Flacco’s Ravens lost the game 24-23 in mid-September.