Bernard Pollard brings intensity to Titans practice


credit: getty images

Bernard Pollard was signed by the Tennessee Titans to bring some intensity to their defense. On Friday the veteran safety got a little carried away.

Pollard intensely yelled out defensive calls and threw a football at the back of tight end Craig Stevens at one point.

“Tempers flare,” Pollard said, via USA Today. “For y’all in the media, you see a guy do something like that and you want to say, ‘He’s crazy’ or ‘He’s a thug’ or this and that. But when you are playing a violent game like this you have to have an edge. You have to have a switch.”

Pollard is known for his sometimes rough play but is trying to foster good team spirit with the Titans.

“What you didn’t know is I went over and apologized to (Stevens) for throwing the football at him,” Pollard said. “But there’s nothing wrong with playing with a passion. This is a violent game, and we know this is a performance-based business.”