Ray Lewis told Ravens not to touch Lombardi Trophy


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will not let Raven teammates touch the Lombardi Trophy, according to the Baltimore Sun.

CBS will be broadcasting this years Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, dubbed the “Harbowl” as the coaches of each team, the Harbaugh brothers Jim and John face off against each other in the NFL’s most prized game.

CBS brought along an official Lombardi Trophy when they visited the Ravens complex on Wednesday hoping that they could get photos of the team posing with the trophy.

But nope. Lewis would not let that happen and his teammates obliged.

Lewis said, “I told my team, ‘Don’t ever take pictures with nothing that’s not yours, nothing that you haven’t earned,’“ Lewis said. “When we hold that Lombardi, whoever holds that Lombardi next Sunday, you’ve earned it when you touch it. And don’t fool yourself and try to trick yourself, ‘This feels great.’

“Don’t go through that. I don’t believe in jinxes and all that. I just don’t believe in don’t set yourself up for something. Just really work for it.”

The Raven’s ending up posing with the helmet instead of the trophy.

Lewis is retiring at the end of this season. A Super Bowl win would be going out in style for him.

“It’s great to get there, don’t get me wrong, but to win it is something special. You feel that confetti drop, then I’ll probably reflect then, when I’m there. But, it really hasn’t crossed my mind like that.”

The Ravens face Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers on February 3rd in Super Bowl XLVII.