Jim Harbaugh inspires 49ers with high school photos


Jim Harbaugh is “always doing little things to motivate us,”said safety Donte Whiter. “With this, you really don’t have to explain it. It’s, ‘Aw, man, I remember this.’ It’s something to make you play a little harder on Sunday.”

The LA Times reports the latest is the placing of high school photos above the lockers of players. The photos were made for each player during wild-card weekend, which the team had off. After a meeting the team walked into the locker room and saw their high school selves.

Players reportedly went from locker to locker to see each others photos.

Team spokesman Bob Lange said the coach “wants the players to be able to interpret the reason for it in any way they want.”

Unfortunately no one has posted or tweeted any photos of the locker room yet.