Cowboys consider breath-analyzer for players vehicles

After a single car accident killed practice squad member Jerry Brown, the Dallas Cowboys are searching for ways to ensure that their players do not make bad decisions.  One idea is that installation of a breath-analyzer on players vehicles.

Calvin Hill told USA Today that the team “could mandate that Cowboys players have electronic devices designed to immobilize vehicles when a driver is impaired.”

The device that Hill talked about is one called SafeKey which is attached to the players key ring and then sends a signal to a device within the car that prevents it from starting if a player does not pass.

If the Cowboys attempt such a measure its unclear if the NFLPA would oppose it.

“Everyone has free will and makes their own decisions,” Hill said. “You try to make them aware that every decision has a consequence and that they’re responsible. You hope they consider the potential consequences.”

In 2012 alone, over 2,700 people have died while driving on Texas highways.