Rudolph now has a Baseball Reference page

Ever wonder what games Santa’s reindeer play? Baseball may be one. Well the folks over at Baseball Reference have given the reindeer his own page.

It looks as if Rudolph is on the way up at the young age of 7.

And because the folks at baseball reference don’t miss a beat check out his similar batters…

Similar Batters
  1. Rob Deer (940)
  2. J.T. Snow (924)
  3. Dasher Troy (920)
  4. Cupid Childs (919)
  5. Al Clauss (915)
  6. Steve Christmas (908)
  7. Matt Holliday (905)
  8. Holly Hollingshead (901)
  9. Frosty Thomas (898)
  10. Ozzie Guillen (895)

Curious as to why Ozzie Guillen made the above list?

And of course what Rudolph’s baseball card would look like.


Feel free to check out Rudolph’s Baseball Reference page for yourself.

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