Mariners bail as Jay Z ups asking price for Robinson Cano

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UPDATE: Mariners sign Cano to 10-year deal worth $240 million

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It looks like the New York Yankees knew what they were doing with Robinson Cano all along.

As the only suitors left the Yankees are free to give that $175 million offer to the second baseman.

The Seattle Mariners quickly appeared as another landing spot this week and just as abruptly left discussions with the 31-year-old.

Details of what happened in Seattle on Thursday are a classic example of a player and agent overplaying their hand. Here’s the account according to the NY Daily News:

Cano and his camp arrived in Seattle with what sources described as basically an eight-year deal for $200 million in hand and the assurances that Seattle would go to nine years and $225 million. But when Jay Z then upped the ante to 10 years for $252 million, Mariners president Howard Lincoln apparently “exploded,” according to one of the sources, and ended the meeting.

All the money and thoughts of Jay Z and Cano have come falling down. Remember the 10-year $300 million asking price at the start of free agency and the rumored nine-year $260 million requests just weeks ago.

While Cano may end up pushing his new deal closer to the $200 million threshold it looks like the Yankees hard line stance will end up saving them tens of millions.

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