Jose Canseco passes polygraph test


credit: jose canseco

Jose Canseco took a polygraph test on Wednesday to refute the claim of a woman in LasVegas. Canseco is accused of rape but if the polygraph is to believed the 48-year-old is telling the truth.

The polygraph test was administered in Dallas where Canseco is in town on a 10-day contract to play and coach the Fort Worth Cats.

“Just because of this unfounded charge I’ve lost job opportunities already”, Canseco said.

After three hours taking the polygraph test, the results came back favorable for Canseco.

Senior Polygraph Examiner, Skip Ensley, of Dallas Polygraph Services says his test shows Canseco is telling the truth.

“There was no deception indicated. One of the cleanest I’ve seen, been doing this since 1982. It’s a pleasure to clear someone of false allegations”, said Ensley.

Canseco chimed in “I am completely innocent of this charge,” according to FOX-DFW.

After passing the polygraph, Canseco went on to win a home run derby prior to his game with the Fort Worth Cats. He also homered during the game and leads his team in nearly every offensive stat.

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