Cubs could add mascot and Jeff Samardzija is none too thrilled


The days of the Chicago Cubs being lovable losers are gone and now the team is looking for ways to bring fans back to the ballpark. Being one of the few teams that do not employ a mascot their is talk that the Cubs could add one as part of a renovation of their 99 year old ballpark.

Of course not everyone is happy about that.

Pitcher Jeff Samardzija told the Chicago Tribune that a mascot brought him back to the days of Class-A Daytona.

“That didn’t go over too well,” Samardzija said.

He also doubts that a mascot would help the Cubs bring fans to the ballpark.

“Probably not,” he replied. “People aren’t going to go to Wrigley Field and want to see a mascot. There are other things people want to see.”

Like watching a team that is destined to have their fourth straight losing season?

“The tradition is in coming to the game at Wrigley Field with your family, your friends,” he said. “Traditions are great, but it’s being somewhere you really love. They have modernized Notre Dame Stadium, but inside it feels the same.”

For what it is worth Darwin Barney seems intriged by the idea even if he deems it something that is not a dire need.

“What would it be?” Barney asked. “A Cub? A Bear? I think it could go either way. There’s something fun about having that at the ballpark during the game. Especially with just organ music, there’s not much to keep fans into the games at time.”

The Yankees, Dodgers and Angels are the other teams that do not currently employ a mascot.

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