A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Basketball Gear And Equipment

Basketball player spinning a ball

Basketball is a widely popular sport that requires individual talent and skills. Furthermore, it has a team play dynamic that makes it interactive and fun. If you’re contemplating starting practicing the said sport, you’ll need to have the right basketball gear and equipment. Without them, you may not fully enjoy the whole gameplay besides having increased chances of suffering injuries.

There are so many products to choose from and it can be confusing finding the right ones. No worries though. This beginner’s buying guide is here to help you make the right choice of tools to give you a great start off playing basketball.

Finding The Correct Gear

Your ability to move around the court swiftly depends a lot on the kind of gear you’re wearing. There’s a reason all basketball clothes look as they do. It’s because they’re made to help your hands and feet move with less resistance. While the right gear supports your game, the wrong ones can leave you unable to play well or lead to injuries in the worst case. The basic gear consists mainly of shoes, shorts, and joint support.

  1. Shoes

Basketball shoes are a crucial part of a player’s essential gear because the game centers on the players’ feet. To succeed in playing the game, you have to make flash-speed moves, hops, and turns. These only become possible if the shoes are designed well to support your movements while you’re in the court.

The first thing in buying basketball shoes is the fitting. Shoes that are too loose or too tight can make playing a daunting task. Besides the fitting, here are the other things you need to consider when buying your basketball shoes:

  • Ankle support,
  • Cushion,
  • Traction, and,
  • Suopport

Good shoes need to support your foot and ankle well. The varieties available include high, mid, and low ankle collar shoes. Each has a different level of ankle support. Ensure the shoes have enough cushion to offer protection to your feet in a jump. You also don’t want shoes that’ll keep sliding off while you’re using them. They should have an excellent grip on the ground.

Knee support brace on male legs outdoors in summer, close up
  1. Knee Support

As a beginner basketballer, you’ll have days of sore joints or injuries as a result of strenuous play. It’s essential that you have joint support and especially on your knees. You can use it for the proactive prevention of knee injuries and soreness. Other joint support includes arm and leg sleeves, kinesiology tapes, and others. When buying your knee support, look out for these qualities:

  • Material
    Different varieties of joint support are made from different materials, with some being made of elastic fabrics and some having a copper lining. As for neoprene, it doesn’t stretch easily and offers a more flexible range even in different temperatures. Knee braces with copper lining, on the other hand, are the best for preventing injuries. Your purpose should determine your choice.
  • Size
    You should buy according to your knee measurements because having the wrong size will either not offer any support or may cause you harm. It should fit well and feel comfortable, and you might need to wear it for prolonged periods.
  • Breathability
    Your choice of knee support should have enough ventilation, keeping it dry even though you may be sweating heavily.
  1. Shorts

Basketball is considered an aerobic game where you’re running, jumping, and breaking a lot of sweat. Also, your legs need to be free to move and shift directions quickly. There are many renowned basketball short brands, but the most important factor to consider when buying shorts, just like the shoes, is the fitting. Here are other qualities you should look for:

  • Material
    The short’s main material should feel soft on the skin and be able to absorb sweat. Materials such as cotton and polyester are breathable. Mesh designs are also a preferable choice.
  • Size
    Ensure that your shorts fit correctly around your body. Shorts that are too loose or too tight might make you overly conscious and may cause you to lose focus on the game.
  • Waistband
    A good waistband should fit well around your waist and allow comfortable movements.

Finding The Right Equipment

The two main pieces of equipment you need to practice basketball are the ball and a shooting hoop. Listed below are the qualities you should look for in each.

  1. The Ball

The first thing that you need to look for is the ball quality. It should be made from high-quality material, whether it’s rubber, leather, or synthetic material. Additionally, look out for these other qualities:

  • Bounce
    The ball should have a good range of bounce, and if it can’t give a good bounce, don’t buy it. Since the game involves bouncing the ball, this should be a primary feature to look out for when purchasing a ball for playing basketball.
  • Warranty
    Avoid buying a ball without a warranty period. This ensures that you can take back the ball in case you notice any defects after purchase.
  • Quality reviews
    Since there are many ball brands, ensure to do your research and read customer reviews to understand which ball brands offer better quality on their products.
  1. Shooting Hoop

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider before buying a basketball hoop.

  • Backboard
    Backboards differ in size, but they should be thick and sturdy. The most commonly used materials in making them are acrylic, polyethylene, and tempered glass. Acrylic boards are preferred for their sturdiness and minimal noise.
  • Rim
    You need to check the rim to ensure that the diameter measurements are correct. It should also be of good quality to last for a long time.
  • Support pole
    The backboard and the rim need good and strong support to ensure that they don’t keep falling when you’re playing. It should have a good height and preferably adjustable.
  • Base
    This is what determines the stability of the hoop. You should ensure that it’s made from a heavy material to remain in place and keep the entire setup grounded.


Good quality gear and equipment can give you a good start in basketball by helping you improve your skills with as few barriers as possible. But before you make any purchase, it’s essential to know a few things about them and what qualities you should look for. That’ll give you the general direction of what to buy.

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