Pro-Racing Tricks For Driving

If you want to drive like a pro, you should read this whole article. Conventional driving techniques have limited speed, and you can’t drive fast with those techniques. You need to know and practice the pro-racing tips to drive like a pro. If you really into driving and want to start a career in racing, this article will be your first step towards your goal.

These tricks are not just for reading; you have to implement and practice them to see the results. Continue to read this article to find out the Pro-racing tricks for driving like a pro.

1. Don’t concentrate on the car in front of you

If you are one of the drivers you stick their eyes on the car in front of you, you have to change this practice. This practice will not help you in racing. And it is very unsafe for doing so because you will imitate the driver even though you don’t want to.

It means if the driver takes the wrong turn and his car skid, you will also face the same situation. So, don’t trust someone blindly. You shouldn’t focus on the car in front of you.

Instead of this, you can focus on the road, so that you can do driving efficiently.

2. Look through the front car’s windshield to see the long road

If I shouldn’t look at the previous driver, where do I have to look? You should look at its windshield. Instead of seeing the driver, you should look up and see the road through his car’s windshield. If you have multiple vehicles in front of you, try to look through the spaces between these vehicles.

If you are looking ahead, this helps your brain to figure out the next move. If your mind is ready for the action, you don’t have to do anything immediately. If the brain is prepared for the next move, it will send signals to your hands and legs to act accordingly. You can easily control the unusual situation at the spur of the moment.

3. Focus on the endpoint

For any driving, hand-eye coordination is essential. It would help if you practiced reaching your car to the destination that your eyes see. If you focus on the place where you want to take your car, your hands and legs should act accordingly. So, your eyes must have good coordination with your hands and legs.

4. Always keep your both hands at 9 and 3

The first question that will be in your mind is that what is 9 and 3. Imagine the steering wheel as a clock. And then now place your hands at 9 and 3 hours. It is the perfect position for your hands.

Never drive with one hand or doing other activities like eating or drinking with the other hand. Both of your hands must be on steering. It helps you to take immediate action in critical situations.


These are the top 4 tricks to drive like a pro-racer. You can’t become a master in one day. You have to keep patience and practice these things every day and then elevate your level. If you feel tired of practicing, you should use smokingthings to refresh. Comment below if you have any questions.

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