You Need to Know: NASCAR Research & Development Center

Watching race cars speed around a racetrack is exciting as each driver tries to battle for the championship. Each team has to go through inspection in the NASCAR R&D center before their car suits the racing demands. You will discover some interesting facts that build up the racing story.

If you would like to know why your team is not competing for a particular race, then learn about this center. Going through some of the information below will help you understand how it works.

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The rigorous inspection

Racecars have to go through a series of rigorous inspections of the engine, body, and parts of the chassis. Even though you might win the race, it is also possible that the car fails post-race inspection. In this case, you will lose the championship trophy but still keep the win.

It takes place in two phases, with the first inspection occurring before the onset of the race and the last one at the end. In the first phase, they use high sets of technical templates to check their legibility for the race. The later includes an inspection of three cars using a claw template that checks whether teams manipulated the metal sheet or the car’s height to gain aerodynamics.

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The new normal of inspection

NASCAR tries to go to deeper lengths to come up with lasting solutions to its policy to have cars that cannot sustain accident damage within 6 minutes of impact disqualified. It relies on the millennial way of using social media to put in place its policy.

Teams cannot bear to see their opponents win a race unfairly, making them tell on each other. Those with willing manufacturers use photographers to take many on-track photos of cars during racing days. Likewise, NASCAR benefits from social media photos and videos posted by fans that often go viral, showing some car modifications by teams.

Penalties incurred

No one likes their team to get penalized, especially after winning a race and NASCAR tries to reduce this. It is keeping a level-playing field for race teams on R&D centers because their fine-tooth combs cannot provide quality performance on racetracks.

The drivers, as well as the team, get to have a fair share if their car fails to meet NASCAR’s R&D policy. The driver may have his or her points docked without any opportunities to appeal and this affects the team’s position in the championship season. The team might have the chief crewmember suspended for many races having to pay a fine upon their return.

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NASCAR’s rules and regulations

Rules and regulations are the driving force in each NASCAR office to maintain flawless races with good storylines. It keeps changing the rules and improving on their functionality each time an investigation on racecar accident occurs. These technical changes aim to produce safe and competitive races.

Each race lasts up to 3 hours, with each team having either of their 3-4 players driving one of their four cars. A driver is to a restart a race if they commit a foul or a penalty and they can pit anytime they need to refuel or replace the car’s tires. The car should not have aero ducts and its throttle bottle needs to be small for superspeedway events.

Random tire inspections in tents

NASCAR often seizes tires for inspection during races and faulty teams may lose their tires as a penalty for further inspection. They do not want to make the teams disqualified so they try to take the tires in a scheduled call with crewmembers. These attempts are transparent despite not taking place at the NASCAR centers.

It is a new mechanism to ensure the highest standards of equality for each team. The tents are in random checks where NASCAR officials stay in place waiting to maintain quality auto-track processes. The tents are set with a staging area to ensure the car leaves without punctures or leaks.


Before a racecar gets to be on the racetrack, it goes through NASCAR officials who inspect it with a fine-toothed comb. This process goes on throughout the race and after it. But it has seen to face some opposition because it inconveniences some teams and their fans before the race. Learning about this center will give you a clear picture of what goes down behind the curtains of car racing.

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